On my radio…

Our esteemed songster, Ben Hudson, is currently presenting a fortnightly folk show on Hive Radio. The first edition went out last weekend and was a bagpipes special. The show is still available as a podcast on mixcloud for any who missed it. The next show goes out on Saturday 1st March, and will be based around the songs and work of Ed Pickford, with a special treat for any fans of the great man himself.

It’s Been a While…

Well, it’s been a while since we updated this site, but just to let anyone know we are still around. Since last February we’ve been doing the odd folk club appearance here and there, both together and individually, and the usual sessions around Tyneside. We’ve also done a fair bit of work with Bede’s World and Hive Studios in Jarrow, appearing at a number of their events. This year Ben is doing a folk show for Hive Radio and will be heavily involved with the second folk festival at Bede’s World. Although we were booked to play last year we sadly missed it due to a few health hiccups, the biggest of which was Pete breaking his left wrist… a bit of a bugger for a fiddler. He was given the option of playing a shaky egg in the band instead but for some reason declined. Pete is slowly getting back to playing, and we should have a few bits and pieces lined up for Spring and early Summer this year, notably a performance at Bede’s World Myths and Legends weekend on the 24th May, and before then we will be playing for some Maypole dancers in Jarrow on the May Bank Holiday. I’m sure it will be nothing like The Wicker Man!!!

On The Up ….

Well, we didn’t win Best Band at the BBC Folk Awards but we did manage to get a play and some very nice praise on Mike Harding’s new folk show. Mike has continued where he left off with Radio 2 in producing a top class programme showcasing the best in folk music, past and present. It was a real privilege for us to hear our version of Ed Pickford’s ‘Farewell Johnny Miner’ played alongside such legends Bandoggs, Leadbelly and Dick Gaughan. We are, not surprisingly, geet chuffed!

To top it off we have been rising up the Reverbnation regional folk charts and finished the week at #8. And then Le Toon decided they better up their game if they wanted to stay in the same league as us, and went and beat Chelsea.

What a week!!!

Lowp on the Wireless & Job Vacancies

Lowp have been busy throughout the Spring, with an appearance on Folkrise radio, and a charity event at South Shields Town Hall. On a sadder note we have been reduced to a four-piece after the departure of our accordion player, Sheena McCaffrey. Sheena plays for Irish dancing throughout Tyneside and in Ireland, and her commitments there and to her work and family meant that she could no longer find the time for Lowp’s increasing workload. She will be missed both for her music and her banter. It does mean, however, that we are on the look out for a replacement accordion or melodeon player if anyone is interested!!

Gannins on

Lowp have been busy over the winter doing some recording of songs in the home studio. You can here them over at soundcloud.

Iain and Ben tested out a couple of new songs and tune sets at South Shields Folk Club last Sunday. A bit rough around the edges, but they went down well, and we’ll be trying out some more new stuff at East Boldon Folk Club 10th Anniversary on Thurs 8th March 2012. That’s at the Cricket Club in Boldon.

Looks like we are also provisionally booked for our ‘annual’ season opener at South Shields Folk Club at the beginning of September again this year.

Memory Walk

Lowp played a good 45min set at the Memory Walk in aid of the Alzheimers Society in Saltwell Park on the 11th Sept 2011. Despite gale force winds and a rapidly disintegrating stage, the lads & lass put in a great performance of classic songs and tunes, old and new. Steve, being the consummate professional he is, managed to carry on playing whilst being shrouded in the stage tarpaulin.

With new songs being aired for only the second time in a week, the band were slightly nervous, but the force 9 gale soon blew away the fear & the music took over. The tune sets went down particularly well with the shivering crowd, with even the local teenagers discarding their inhibitions and getting down to the “funky” rhythm (audience member quote!!!). The band ended with their grand finale set of Breton dance tunes in a desperate bid to keep both musicians and audience warm.

A great day was had by all in spite of the weather.

South Shields Folk Club… Slight Return

Lowp took the reigns once again at South Shields Folk Club on Sept 4th 2011. With a new set of songs and tunes, alongside old classics like Johnny Miner, the Westoe Rugby club was rocked by the hammering strings, driving accordion & flute, sublime fiddle and stirring pipes that have become their trademark sound.

The audience joined with the hauntingly slow version of the sea shanty Bold Riley, and the rip-roaring version of Madam I’m A Darling almost brought the house down. The Lowp mix of light and heavy, great songs and ranting tunes was again a great success at the club and the band can’t wait to play there again… hint hint!

Up next is an open air set in Saltwell Park in aid of the Alzheimers Society. A tall order with a non-folk audience, but the band can’t wait to get stuck in!