It’s Been a While…

Well, it’s been a while since we updated this site, but just to let anyone know we are still around. Since last February we’ve been doing the odd folk club appearance here and there, both together and individually, and the usual sessions around Tyneside. We’ve also done a fair bit of work with Bede’s World and Hive Studios in Jarrow, appearing at a number of their events. This year Ben is doing a folk show for Hive Radio and will be heavily involved with the second folk festival at Bede’s World. Although we were booked to play last year we sadly missed it due to a few health hiccups, the biggest of which was Pete breaking his left wrist… a bit of a bugger for a fiddler. He was given the option of playing a shaky egg in the band instead but for some reason declined. Pete is slowly getting back to playing, and we should have a few bits and pieces lined up for Spring and early Summer this year, notably a performance at Bede’s World Myths and Legends weekend on the 24th May, and before then we will be playing for some Maypole dancers in Jarrow on the May Bank Holiday. I’m sure it will be nothing like The Wicker Man!!!


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