Laidly worms …

IMG_5742The north east weather returned to it’s normal self for our last ‘residency’ appearance at Bede’s World on Saturday 24th May. Gone was the Tuscan sunshine of the previous weekend, but the museum was still choca, with visitors enjoying the many unique craft stalls, storytelling and rune readings galore. We had two 40 minute slots to fill in the wonderful acoustics of ‘Bede’s Heed’, and did our best with our usual mix of Tyneside songs and Northumbrian dancey stuff. Not having anything particularly ‘mythic’ or ‘legendary’ in our repertoire, out came a trusty old copy of Bruce & Stokoe a couple of weeks beforehand and we quickly worked up an epic version of ‘The Laidly Worm of Spindlestone Heugh’. Despite our misgivings after only a couple of hours rehearsing it, the song went down a treat and drew some nice compliments afterwards.

Iain put in a brief appearance at Souter Lighthouse on Bank Holiday Monday for South Shields FCs Cultural Spring event, but next up on the agenda for the band is likely to be an appearance at the Banner of the North Festival, 18th – 20th July.


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