Muckle Lush…

January 17th 2015 saw Lowp set off for a trip up the A1 to Alnwick – Destination the Muckle Lush Acoustic January Jamboree at the wonderful Tanner’s Arms.

Bill Read and the Lush Acoustic collective have some great music and a very welcoming attitude. The number of musicians/singers made for a long but hugely enjoyable night – everyone got a fair crack at the whip, unlike many an open-mic. Didn’t catch everyone’s name, but thoroughly enjoyed Bill’s set of angst ridden Geordie invective, Clifford Blakey’s flamenco wizardry and the excellent songs of Gary Steward and David Ainsworth, all ably supported by the mandolin of Eric Davison and multi-instrumentalism of Jamie Robb. Lowp took up the baton at just gone 10pm and played an hour or so to a packed (ok, it’s a sma’ pub) and lively audience. Loved it – one of the best nights we’ve played in a good while.

So get yourselves along to the next Lush Acoustic, a geet good night oot.


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